Seriously? | Aga Kokoszewska

Do you love her/ him?
Simple question.
But how complicated we make the answer be.
But I like him/her very much… I hear.
You like dogs, sunsets, video games, Netflix, videos of cats… Very much as well.
You love or u don’t.
Love became so common, that it hurts because we say we love everything but nothing at the same time.
Love is such a big word! It’s time to give the greatness to it! Please!
Face it.
Being used to someone does not equal loving the person.
Accepting someone in your life just because he/she is good enough is not enough.
You are not here to be or have good enough.
You are here to be and have the amazing.
We are here, for what we know, for a second of the life of the whole of the life of a mother of earth.
So why would you settle for the average?
The world is as big as our thinking.
Do you know why?
Because the world is a reflection of what we think it is.
There are as many worlds as the people on the earth.
Everything is subjective.

So why would you settle for someone that happened not the one that you have consciously chosen to be your partner in crime?

‌Life is about choices and they are there. Whether you like it or not you always have a choice in every circumstance. Trust me. Even if the situation seems bad, you have the choice of lesser bad. But you always have the choice!

The “I didn’t have a choice” sentence does not exist. It doesn’t. I used to say that. Why? To shift the responsibility to external factors. My friends, family, economics, politics, whatever. As long as it was someone else’s fault. Don’t be that person. If you have the power in you to fight it then go for it. Anytime. It’s worth fighting for something you really believe in.

But if you have no butterflies in your stomach. If you are becoming silent. Drop it. This is the end. Now, not in months or years to come. Have the courage for both of you! Do a favour to you and your partner. Memories are build from tiny moments in our life’s. Not days, weeks, years. Do make sure you have good ones to remember when you see this super wrinkly face in the mirror and all you will see is a huge smile on you! You will both find an amazeballs person to fulfil your life. Trust your guts!

Aga Kokoszewska

Originally published at on April 21, 2021.



I am a passionate and experienced Leadership Coach for Women

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