Chicken wings are useless

Aga Kokoszewska
2 min readApr 10, 2021


Can you handle the truth?

Can you handle constructive criticism?

U better.

Because this is the key ingredient to grow! We don’t thrive by being praised all the time. We get better by learning from our mistakes. And this is usually the feedback we are most afraid of. Very unnecessarily. Why? Simple. Our egos are bigger than Richard Branson's wealth. He is an icon because he listened, because he adapted, changed, over and over again.

Sugar-coated feedback gives you the wings of a chicken.

U still can’t fly!

We have to strive to improve and become who we really can be. How many times did u ask yourself, why is this not working out for me?

The answer is super simple… It’s because of you!

No one else is stopping you, nor they have control of your life. So the sooner you understand it and embed this in your brain, the better for you. Own your life!

Stop blaming others or the circumstances you are in. It’s just your brain shifting responsibility to outside factors.

Why are you not in control since it’s your life after all?

Who are you going to be on your “death bed”?

A chicken, who was looking for praises all your life and never went up in the air? Or… u listened, learned, and achieved? There is a solution to every problem not a problem to every solution!

Rewire your thinking!



Aga Kokoszewska

I am a passionate and experienced Career and Leadership Coach